October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020
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Introducing Medly Pharmacist Josh

ND Medina

Happy Pharmacist’s Month from Medly! In this series from Medly we get to know some of our pharmacists, whose contributions to Medly have been immeasurable. Today we are introduced to Josh, one of our pharmacists here at Medly Pharmacy.

Josh knew that he wanted a career in healthcare, but the question for him was which path in medicine he should take. “In speaking to different pharmacists I found that it could be a very rewarding career,” he said. “Allowing me to give back and serve the community, along with helping patients with something that is so important to everyone, health.”

To future pharmacists, he said, “It is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.” He finds that he is commonly asked by patients what the copay is, something that Medly helps patients with through financial assistance organizations and manufacturers’ programs.

Being a pharmacist has taught Josh “patience and empathy.” He explained, “In speaking to all different people in different communities it requires understanding that not everyone is requiring the same things from you. Someone can be requiring medication counseling or just another person to vent to about their day.”

As Josh enjoys serving the community, he has found that the easiest and best way to help patients is to help them understand what disease state their medication is helping their body to heal. “Sometimes understanding what the medication is and how it is helping your body to treat the underlying problem can help patients be more adherent to their medication,” he said.

Medication adherence is a serious issue and one that Medly helps with through free same-day delivery. Josh was inspired to join Medly because Medly is building the pharmacy of the future, one where technology and pharmacy work hand-in-hand to serve the community by building a better patient experience.

”Having worked in many different pharmacies I could see Medly was looking to be a different type of pharmacy. They are combining pharmacy with technology, all to help better patient care,” he said.

At the end of the day, Josh likes to unwind by staying fit. He enjoys doing outdoors activities and exercising as hobbies.

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